Iain Lowdean

Iain is a full time Teaching Professional, currently Head Teaching Professional for David Burns Academy (Tour Coach), based at Kingsfield Golf & Leisure and Teaching Professional at Melville Golf Centre. With 11+ years working in the Edinburgh and Lothians area, he has a wealth experience in the Golf and always welcome new people to get in contact.
Moving with modern times, Iain now does golf lessons online, the No.1 online golf lessons platform is Skillest and he is a Top 20 coach.
As a TrackMan 4 owner, why guess when you can know, enjoy lessons using the latest technology, information given to you in an easy to understand format to start improving your golf. As a Certified Putting Instructor (CPI) and coach in ground force reaction with BodiTrak, he is keen to continue developing his own skills in order that he can provide the best possible coaching. Always adapting to life, during Covid Iain started coaching remotely using Skillest and now coaches players all around the world, get in contact to know more.
Previously a Head PGA Professional at Baberton and Kingsknowe Golf Club, having previously been Assistant Professional at Murrayfield Golf Club. His background is in Sales and Hospitality as well as golf. Iain has degrees in Golf Studies and Leisure and Sports Management (BA). He has a customer service background and is looking to develop new ideas and drive progress forward as a Teaching Professional.
He has been a Golf Professional since 2011 and through the PGA programme has acquired a wealth of knowledge that he is keen to pass on to as many people as he can.
Iain grew up in Gloucestershire where he represented his county and played off a handicap of +1. He is married with 3 children and lives in Edinburgh.